One-size-fits-all is dead. Personalisation is our right, not a privilege.

A mass-market, standardised approach to hospitality and food service with its cookie-cutter approach is not working for your guests anymore. Why? Because modern consumers are dissatisfied with uniformity and yearn for empowerment and self-expression. ‘I’ll have it my way’ is more than a slogan in the hospitality industry, it’s the recognition of what today’s customers deserve and how they want their experience to be tailored.

Welcome to the Experience Economy, where hospitality businesses must form unique and memorable connections to secure guests’ affections and thrive in the current economic climate. Customisation, personalisation, bespoke and tailored experiences– call it what you will, these all describe the trend which is an ever-present and growing part of 21st century life.

Your business just became personal.

  • Understand why the trend to customisation and bespoke service is too important to ignore

  • Stand out from the ‘sea of sameness’ by creating memorable and individual experiences across all your consumer touch points

  • Learn how to define and differentiate your brand and how to map up your consumer journey whatever your outlet type

  • Develop your people so that they deliver the bespoke experiences your customers require

  • Focus on your brand in all aspects of the customer journey
    Craft your menus to inspire and delight your guests

“Bespoke” will help raise your game in the competitive world of hospitality.It will provide you with fresh insights needed to steer a course to your customers delight, loyalty and therefore your business success.