On mapping your customer journey.

“Getting your customer journey right across all key touch points and then designing bespoke approaches at every stage is vital, since experience is everything in hospitality.” 


On customisation.


In 2018, according to MCA, the UK’s leading provider of eating and drinking out market intelligence, over 30% of consumers customised their last meal out whilst 55% believed that customisation is an essential element when it comes to making their choice. It seems that, no matter what’s included on the menu, a growing number of consumers want to pick and choose or to mix and match because that fits their belief that they, not the proprietor, knows what suits them best (which can be for a whole variety of reasons). What was once considered a passive activity (dining or eating out) is fast becoming a collaborative effort, with the consumer having the upper hand.

On experience.


‘Eatertainment’ is the dining experience that goes the extra mile in order to create that certain “wow” factor for diners to make it both memorable and shareworthy. Customers’ Instagrams and Tweets form an important component of these venue’s marketing activity as a result, and whilst that might be ‘free’ to the venue, it’s offset by just how much it’s prepared to invest by going the whole nine yards with the entertainment on offer. Naturally, your food and drink offer still has to stand on its own two feet, but market trends in the UK are pointing to the fact that customers are eager for a more meaningful experience. It’s not just the Millennials clamouring for this, this is a trend that’s capturing the attention of a much broader base who want something they can’t get when they eat at home with friends.