Drink predictions for 2018

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Food and drink trends have been increasingly remarked upon in recent years as the nation is paying more attention to its nutrition. From decreasing alcohol consumption to an influx in craft spirits, 2017 has been a year of quality over quantity. It has also been a year of health drinks but with more of a DIY element than previously seen. There is a lack of trust in the mass market, especially when it comes to the sugar content of healthy beverages, so people are staying away from supermarket shelves and choosing to blend their breakfast smoothies themselves. So where will 2018 take the drink industry and what will we be sipping on for the next year?

Gut friendly

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When it comes to health drinks, fruity teas no longer cut the mustard as people seek the holy grail of health perks. Instead, fermentation is having its moment in the drink industry with both Kefir and Kombucha making their way on to menus. While Kombucha is either black or green tea that is fermented with active ingredients, Kefir is closer to drinking yoghurt though still with the active ingredients.

Kombucha is a drink you can make at home, though there are concerns with at home brewing. Instead, there are lots of companies selling Kombucha to go, Captain Kombucha is based in Portugal and offers a variety of flavours including pineapple and peach.

GTS Living Foods has created a range of drinks including probiotic cider, raw Kombucha and living Kefir, though only available in North America, it is a sign of things to come.



Many people are averse to the humble mushroom but in 2018 we should expect to see mushrooms sneaking into coffees. This unsung superfood may not be found in the high street chains just yet but Four Sigmatic is looking to bring them into the public domain with the help of its mushroom coffee and hot cocoa packets.

Even Pukka is getting on this trend with its Mushroom Gold Supplement that contains Maitake, Reishi and Shiitake mushrooms along with other nutritious ingredients.



The rich green colour practically cries out healthy, but there is more to this super ingredient than just hue. Spirulina and Chlorella have been making their way into smoothies and health drinks for a while but only now are they gaining traction. Shannon from The Glowing Fridge has been having Spirulina as part of a healthy breakfast:

“The Mermaid Smoothie Bowl turned a beautiful light green/minty green colour (I’m all about colour for smoothie bowls!) from the spirulina I added. Spirulina is one of my favourite superfoods as it’s made up of 60-70% pure plant protein, complete with 18 amino acids – including all the essential amino acids. It’s easily absorbed and easily digested in the body too.”



This is about carbonating more than just water in the soft drink industry. While San Pellegrino may be a firm favourite among Parisians, Stumptown is luring New Yorkers to carbonated cold brew coffees. Whether you fancy a sparkling ginger citrus coffee or prefer a honey lemon version, these coffee cold brews are starting a trend for carbonated caffeine.

Though coffee shops have been known to serve a shot of espresso with a sparkling water, these bottled beverages are introducing the unusual fusion. Coffer is another company that is bringing fizzy coffee to the fore and is suggesting the beverage as a cocktail mixer, poured over ice cream or as a stand-alone drink.

In 2018 it is all about the healthy elements, and ingredients that pack a serious nutritional punch. Fruit juices may be one of your five a day, but with these most recent additions, the trend of conscious drinking is looking to continue.