A new dining experience comes to London, on a double-decker bus

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Big Ben and London Bus

As a fan of unusual and exciting dining experiences, I’m always on the lookout for the next big thing. Something thrilling, never seen before and completely unique. Recently, I read about a new dining experience in London that for me ticks all of those boxes. Bustronome, originally launched in Paris, brings fine dining to the city streets. This high-end double-decker bus contains a dining room with one of the best views in the city. The upper level is wrapped in glass, offering a panoramic vista from the comfort of your seat.

What intrigues me most about Bustronome, is how it combines two of the best things about London- the food and the sights. As the website states: “passengers on board will discover the most beautiful views of London while enjoying the best of its gastronomy.” Some of my favourite restaurants in London are those that offer me fantastic views of the city I love. For example, the exceptional views over the Thames that Gaucho Canary offers enhance the dining experience tenfold. By putting a restaurant on wheels, not only can you get some of the best views in the city, but these beautiful settings also change with every bite.

It seems Bustronome doesn’t compromise on food quality, either. In a Telegraph article about one reporter’s experience, they said the menu “didn’t disappoint.” She continued: “Scallops carpaccio with pea shoots and a fennel and pomegranate vinaigrette followed a delicious soup de champignon with truffled whipped cream. Next came a delicate lemon sole “fish and chips revisited” so light and full of flavour, I demanded our host go downstairs and ask the chef how it was prepared.”

For Bustronome, most of the food is prepared on the lower deck, which serves as a portable kitchen. The experienced chefs work away to create dishes worthy of any fine dining restaurant, with the menu changing every six to eight weeks in order to keep it seasonal and exciting. Experiences like this aren’t cheap, but they offer a completely unique event and one that someone will likely never forget.

I find it reminding me of London in the Sky. Another completely original way to enjoy fine dining with a view, although perhaps a much more nerve-wracking one than Bustronome offers! With London in the Sky, instead of driving the streets as you dine, you’re hoisted 100ft above the city and suspended there whilst indulging on a meal cooked by an incredible chef right in front of you. The chefs vary depending on the day, which makes every dish you sample unique. The line-up has included many amazing chefs including one of my personal favourites, Mike Reid from M Restaurant.

Every day I find it truly amazing how many unique experiences people in the hospitality industry are creating. From dinner on a luxury double-decker bus to dining 100ft in the sky, none of these events compromise on food quality, they simply couple it with a thrilling and memorable experience. They show the future of the dining industry as we know it, and I for one cannot wait to see what someone thinks of next.