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It was in my last role at Britvic, leading soft drink manufacturer in the UK, that I rediscovered the Eating Out industry all over again since my youth, but this time through the lens of insight and analytics. When I wasn’t tracking brands on spreadsheets, I interviewed restaurant customers and leading operators as well as fine purveyors of epicurean experiences such as chefs and mixologists. My job was to understand every aspect of the Out-of-Home industry performance, investigate food and drink innovation trends, and report/advise relevant stakeholders on potential opportunities or threats. I was hooked! My hunger and love for the industry was re-ignited.

“One-size-fits-all’ satisfies no one and those who provide only for the mass market are suffering.”

I am a passionate advocate for the Eating Out market with in-depth industry and category experience. Hospitality has never been more competitive, as entrepreneurs and start-ups vie against the more established players and corporates, to meet the seemingly endless appetite of the British public who want to try new and exciting dining-out experiences. These customers are becoming more discerning and crying out for personalised choices. ‘One-size-fits-all’ satisfies no one and those who provide only for the mass market are suffering. During all my research, I realised that an individual experience must be the future and my book Bespoke was created to inspire and inform those in the industry looking for guidance on guest-centric offerings.

I quickly noticed a gap in the market. As the decline in alcohol consumption continues and consumers fret about their sugar intake, there were no sophisticated soft drinks which could meet their needs. My career took another turn as I embraced entrepreneurship and created Kolibri – the world’s first bottled soft drink with sweetness tailored to taste. This gives control back to the consumer so that it is a bespoke drink for each individual, every occasion, every time.

This blog is about sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for all that is, and should be, bespoke in hospitality. There is a wealth of articles in the Blog section and links to my book and our first products, Kolibri drinks. Take a look and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy!


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